A huge well done to the Y6’s!

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A huge well done to the Y6 pupils who have just received their KS2 SATs results, and once again they are fantastic!

In maths 96% of children achieved the national expectation of a level 4, amazingly 76% of pupils achieved a level 5 which means that they are working significantly above age expectations. 6 children also gained a level 6 in maths, which is an absolutely fantastic achievement, well done.

In reading 92% of pupil achieved the national expectation of a level 4 and 47% of pupils achieved a level 5, with 1 pupil attaining a level 6, the first one the school has ever had. In writing 90% of children achieved a level 4 and 39% achieved a level 5, again with one pupil attaining a level 6. This year for the first time children completed a Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar test (SPAG), 94% of children attained the expected level 4 and 64% of children exceeded this with a level 5

Finally in Science, 94% of children attained a level 4 in science and 60% of children attained an above national expectation level 5. 2 of our children achieved an amazing level 6.

Once again I can say I am incredibly proud of every single child for all the hard work and effort they have put in over their time at Hoyland Common Primary School and also thank their parents for their continued support, it does make such a difference.

I think it is also important at this time to say a big well done and thank you to all the staff involved in supporting these children during their time at Hoyland Common, I am sure you will all agree its been a fantastic team effort.

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Good luck Y6’s

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This week Y6 pupils will be taking their KS2 SATs, including for the first time level 6 tests! I’m sure you are all with me in wishing them the best off luck. Not that they need it, they have worked incredibly hard and I am sure all their hard work will pay off.

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