Latest developments in the Murder Mystery…

By 13

This afternoon we have been taking another look at the evidence that we collected from the crime scene on the decking. After compiling the evidence we spent some time discussing what we believed may have happened and how the murder might have unfolded… From this, we began to create our suspect list, using the evidence to guide our investigation.

We have come up with our final line-up, some of us believe that these suspects may have acted alone, others believe they worked as part of a team, but the question is, what do you think?!

Who do you think looks the most likely to have committed the crime?

Mr Tallant?


Miss Griffin?


Mr Hastey Junior?


Mr Hackney?


Miss Davies?


Some people believe that the murderers might have worked in a team, what do you think about how these teams look?






Who do you think committed the murder? Why do you think it was them? Will the Y5/6 team ever get to the bottom of this mystery?!


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An exciting adventure…

By 1

We are very excited to start Arts Week and the week long journey to new skills and exciting opportunities. To start us off we would like to use look closely at these photos.


This dragon was discovered while we were out exploring. Can you tell us about him? Where does he live? What is he on the look out for? How does he move?


Remember this blog is a showcase for your work, proof read your comment before submitting it to make sure it is the best quality it can be 🙂

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Amazing animators!

By 17

WALT: create a short animation


Achieve: I can create a short animation. (Level 1)

Challenge: I can plan my animation using a comics strip. (Level 2)

Aspire: I can export my animation and import it into iMovie (level 3)





Where were you working today?

Some examples of our finished animations. We did them independently and have thought about how we would improve them. We have discussed that it would be useful to have an iPad stand for animations….I wonder if Wallace and Gromit could invent us one?

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Do you know how to spot great learning? We do!

By 10

Our mission today has been to recognise the characteristics of a great learner. We talked about what great learning would look like and sound like. We discussed what it might feel like if we walked into a classroom where great learning was happening.
We wrote our ideas on post it’s and worked together to agree which we’re the most important.

Once we knew what we were looking for we set off around school with the iPads to search out great learning and here’s some examples of what we found. Can you remember some of the characteristics of a great learner?




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Invest in me…

By 9

Today Mrs Paddock announced she had £1000 to invest in a brand new product! We had to use the skills we have practised throughout our ‘How is it made?” topic to be the best inventors. We even had a visit from a local investor, Mr Ravenscroft, who was very interested in our ideas! Take a look at this collection of photos taken throughout the day to track our progress!

What an amazing day! I can wait to see the pitches you put forward tomorrow, will an investment be made?

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Up for a challenge

By 20

Wow, we can not quite get over getting a comment from the real Wallace and Gromit! They asked us to design an advert for their Bread-o-matic which is perfect because we have learnt all about persuading people when we looked at The Shirt Machine.

We were set free to create an advert using anything we wanted. Some of us chose to draw posters, some used iPads to record a voice over advert, some used art apps to create posters and others used PowerPoint and publisher.

I can’t wait to see what you think of our adverts!


Here are some examples of our adverts.

Ruth and Jack worked together using the FaceJack app to record their own advert.

Daniel and Ryan wrote their own script before recording their advert! Well done boys this was a great idea 🙂

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Rising to the occasion

By 42


This week we have been working on a secret mission for Wallace and Gromit! We were sent a letter asking us to help them with their latest creation! The Bread-o-matic is top secret and we have been lucky to play an important part in it’s creation.

We have learnt about how bread is made on a industrial scale and then used our knowledge to help us write an explanation to order the process. This will help Wallace and Gromit in their planning stage!

We have explored the ingredients needed to make bread and used adjectives to help us describe them. We have tasted and range of different breads and thought about how we could describe them to make them sound exciting! After exploring we even made our own bread!


The learning this week has been amazing and there has been a real buzz around year 2. I hope Wallace and Gromit appreciate the work we have all done!


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Steaming along at Elsecar!

By 16

Year 2 have been learning all about the history of trains today. We visited Elsecar Heritage Centre to see the steam trains and learn all about them. The volunteers at Elsecar were working very hard painting and repairing the old trains. We saw the driver shovelling the coal into the fire box, it looked really hard and dirty work. We stood on the bridge and watched the train go by, the driver blew the steam whistle and covered us all in steam and smoke.
What did you learn about trains today?




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