At Hoyland Common Primary School ‘The HCPS Offer’ has been developed to provide our children with endless opportunities and diverse experiences to broaden their horizons and develop their ambitions. Our aim is to help our students grow not just academically, but also socially, culturally and emotionally by inspiring them with new experiences and opportunities. Through our offer, pupils engage in extra-curricular clubs, competitive sports, in-school workshops, and curricular visits. They also spectate in thrilling sports events and artistic performances, immerse themselves in cultural gatherings, and build vital community links, all of which have been carefully selected to educate, empower and inspire. With this offer, we aim to enthuse our students to dream big and know their potential, instilling in them a sense of determination and passion and a greater understanding of what careers they may wish to pursue in the future. The HCPS Offer strengthens and enriches our curriculum by providing planned opportunities for students in each year group to engage in visits and workshops that directly align with their learning. Moreover, we go the extra mile by prioritising the holistic development of our students, focusing on their personal, social, and emotional growth through participation in residentials, workshops, the Arts and a variety of broader experiences.

At Hoyland Common Primary School, we place utmost importance on nurturing self-assured learners who embody kindness, curiosity, individuality, and aspirations. We are committed to instilling a deep sense of pride in our students’ heritage and empowering them to make a significant and positive difference in their community. To fulfil this mission, we have crafted “The HCPS Offer” with five core areas of exposure that enrich our students’ life journeys, expand their perspectives, and fuel their ambitions. By providing a diverse spectrum of experiences, we celebrate the essence of each student’s unique identity and lay a solid foundation for their flourishing adulthood.

We have meticulously planned a range of ongoing experiences to provide children with valuable opportunities during their time at HCPS. These include school trips, residentials, and visits that have been carefully scheduled throughout the year, taking into account the need to strike a balance between offering meaningful experiences and ensuring affordability for parents/carers. Please note that offers highlighted in colour will include the cost of a coach and may have slightly higher expenses compared to others. A range of these offers will also have little or no cost attached to them. As the HCPS Offer is being rolled out from September 2023 it will be subject to a ongoing review and we will aim to amend and improve moving forwards.

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