Using our senses

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Today we have been using our senses to explore materials. We discussed what we had found out and used our explanation skills in discussion.

We all tried to challenge ourselves in this lesson and tried some head hurt learning. We found a magnifying glass and a flexible pipe that were both made from plastic but were very different. Why was this?



Miss Hayes & Year 2H on 17 April, 2013

In our class we have a independent learning task where we have to look carefully at a range of different rocks, explain how the different rocks feel, describe their appearance and check whether they are porous (take on water). What else have you been doing with your materials? Have you done some interesting experiments?

Jen on 17 April, 2013

I hope it was fun I would love to do that in my class!

Massie on 21 April, 2013


ryan on 24 April, 2013

we realy liked it

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