World Book Day

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    • 3 March, 2017
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Today Miss Redfearn’s class learned how to say “I am” in French – je suis.  We listened to a story about a baby elephant ( un éléphant) who had lost his mum. We spotted lots of cognates! We played “Quiz quiz trade”, then wrote some sentences using our new phrase. 

As it was World Book Day this week, after playtime I read the class a very unusual book called “The Great Français Wordsearch” – a book that starts in English and finishes in French! Y6 gave it a big ??!

Still on a Book theme, Y6 then each selected a French book to read from a selection I had brought in. They read the book, looking for familiar words. They then used a bilingual French /English dictionary to decide if these words were cognates or false friends

A lot of the books were of stories that were very familiar to Y6, such as Dr Seuss, or The Gruffalo, but there were lots of new stories to explore too. ❤??❤?

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