Bangladeshi Food Tasting!

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Yesterday, we had a FANTASTIC day in Year 5! First of all in the morning, we had the chance to work with a local artist to stitch a design to represent the Human Rights Act – this will be put together to create a flag for the Fly the Flag campaign.

Then, in the afternoon we got the chance to taste a Bangladeshi curry and make our own chapatti’s. We worked in groups to measure the ingredients out accurately and make sure we follow the method properly (some of us found this difficult at first but we soon got the hang of it). Once our chapatti’s were ready, I cooked them while the children tasted the Bangladeshi curry I made the night before. They ate it that quickly that I didn’t even get the chance to take any photo’s!!

It’s fair to say that the curry was a hit with Class 12 and the chapatti’s didn’t quite turn out as planned. But many of them have asked for the curry recipe so they can cook it at home! So I’ve attached a link to the curry recipe along with a few pictures of the chapatti making process.


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