Wallace and Gromit
Wallace and Gromit on 15 May, 2013

How exciting!!! We were very impressed with your adverts for the Bread-o-matic and have lots of orders already! You will be great at this task as long as you remember what skills you need! What did you include in your adverts for us to make them powerful? Don’t forget to take plenty of cheese breaks to recharge your brains!

*Gromit “Always listen to the members of your team…the best work is team work! Isn’t that right Wallace?!”


hannah h on 15 May, 2013

what have you been doing you seem to be busy bees today why did wallace and gromit say dont forget to bring cheese to recharge your brains what does cheese do ? pursueding is easy if you know how remember to use WOW words and emotive words to pull at your adiences heart strings goodvluck xxx

Mrs Paddock
Mrs Paddock on 16 May, 2013

We are starting it today Hannah, you could pop down this afternoon and have a look at how we are getting on!

Mrs Paddocks Class on 16 May, 2013

Hannah what do you mean when you say ’emotive words?’ Could you come and explain it to us please?

hannah h on 16 May, 2013

emotive words are word that tuck at the heart strings.eg crucial and rapidly or in your case these items are rapidly selling sorry i cant pop down i have only just read the comment maybe another day xxxx

Mr Ravenscroft on 16 May, 2013

I really enjoyed visiting your class today and looking at your amazing inventions. I hope you will let me know which invention wins so that I can invest! You have worked really hard – well done.

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