ryan on 21 April, 2013

the clip was really funny.

Mrs Paddock
Mrs Paddock on 21 April, 2013

You’re description of the soccomatic was really powerful Ryan, could you have a go at describing the snoozatron?!

Jack on 24 April, 2013

I like how you have used a alliteraion for the title.

Leah on 24 April, 2013

The big hands were puthing quick.

Agatha on 24 April, 2013

The big red lether puffers puffed up Walles soft cumpfey pillow for him.It was extreemly funny when Gromit was pretending to be lots of different sheep.To jump Gromit stood on a big tall lancher so walles could cont sheep to sleep.

Ellie on 24 April, 2013

The snoozatron is made of smoth leather and hard wood the leather pufs a pillo up and gromit dressed up as a sheep so walce could count how many times gromit went up until walce fell asleep but when walce fell asleep gromit didn`t stop jumping!

billy on 24 April, 2013

It was slow and noisy and shiny red.

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