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Wow, we can not quite get over getting a comment from the real Wallace and Gromit! They asked us to design an advert for their Bread-o-matic which is perfect because we have learnt all about persuading people when we looked at The Shirt Machine.

We were set free to create an advert using anything we wanted. Some of us chose to draw posters, some used iPads to record a voice over advert, some used art apps to create posters and others used PowerPoint and publisher.

I can’t wait to see what you think of our adverts!


Here are some examples of our adverts.

Ruth and Jack worked together using the FaceJack app to record their own advert.

Daniel and Ryan wrote their own script before recording their advert! Well done boys this was a great idea 🙂


billy gregory on 10 May, 2013

It was pretty hard on Ipads we condunt get fotos.

Mrs Paddock
Mrs Paddock on 10 May, 2013

Do you remember how I showed you to add a picture to your photo library Billy? Which app were you using?

daniel on 10 May, 2013

We have been learning to persuade Wallace and Gromit to buy our bread-o-matic. The bread-o-matic makes bread for you in lots of different varieties. The bread-o-matic is really cheap as it is on offer for only £1.
I really enjoyed learning about how bread is made and we also had a go at baking some bread of our own. I really enjoyed using my senses which are taste, smell, feeling, and sight to try lots of different breads.


Jack on 10 May, 2013

I really enjoyed making the adverts today and I worked with Ruth. We used the ipads to make our advert I think we did a good job.

ryan on 10 May, 2013

I loved learning all about the bread -o- matic.The bread -o-matic only costs £2.99 and will make you bread when ever you want. We have been learninng to pursuade poeple to buy the bread -o- matic by andvertising
the product. the bread -o- matic will make the best bread in the world.I loved makeing our own bread and our
senses like smell,sight,feeling,taste.the best sense for bread is smell because you can smell the bread and if you
don’t like it you can just leave it.

Mrs Harrison on 10 May, 2013

Wallace and Gromit will be amazed! Your adverts should certainly help them to sell their Bread-o-Matics, lots of customers will be persuaded to buy one. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed learning about making bread Daniel. Jack and Ruth I think you did a good job too. I can’t wait to see what Wallace and Gromit have to say.

Massie on 12 May, 2013

They look brilliant Mrs Harrison can we finish our adverts tomorrow it was fun we could use whatever we wanted to use like power point and publisher to make a leaflet or use i pads Mrs paddock even had to scrap the literacy work we was going to do and do something even better …

Alina on 11 May, 2013

I enjoyed working on power point on the computer because it was fun. I realy liked helping Wallace and Gromit make their Bread-o-matic.

massie on 11 May, 2013

i was speachlas when i saw the comment!!!!!!!!!!

Ellie on 11 May, 2013

I think that we could try and make a recipe about bread and make it for I mums and dads!

Mrs Paddock
Mrs Paddock on 12 May, 2013

That’s a fantastic idea Ellie! Lets get onto it 🙂

Massie on 12 May, 2013

Mrs paddock im really exited making bread for parents ill be really spectacles when i would make bread for percents it is a really good idea Ellie ca we M rs paddock im really exited about the bread making …

Massie on 12 May, 2013

A good idea Ellie I agree they cannot miss out with what we’ve been doing …

Ruth on 12 May, 2013

We have been learning about bread-o-matic, Wallace and Gromit need our help to make bread, I enjoyed seeing the trains and writing a whole description, my grandad once took me to Huddersfield on a train. Me and Jack worked on iPads to do adverts about bread,,I ate my bread walking home from school.

Daisy on 14 May, 2013

I really enjoyed making bread and when i got home i ate it all. I enjoyed watching wallace and gromit too.

These are the ones i have at home
the curse of the were rabbit
a grand day out
the wrong trousers
a close shave

My favourite one is the wrong trousers.

Mrs Harrison on 14 May, 2013

My favourite film is ‘A close shave’. I like ‘A matter of loaf and death’ though as well. I think Wallace is very funny, his inventions never really work and poor old Gromit has to sort it all out. What do you think Wallace is like?

Massie on 15 May, 2013

I like the ‘ loaf of death aswell ‘

Ben on 14 May, 2013

I worked with Josh, we we’re working on the Ipad’s designing our own poster’s for Wallace and Gromit’s Bread-o-matic. I liked making Bread it tasted yummy.

Oliver on 14 May, 2013

When we made the bread I felt excited. I enjoyed making the bread and tasting it best of all. I liked working with my friends too. I liked watching the video and writing the facts down about factories that bake bread because it was very different to how we made bread in school.

Massie on 15 May, 2013

When we made bread i could smell the bread out of the bread maker it was fun and we was overjoyed when we saw the comment we was jumping yp and down we was amased

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