Yorkshire Wilife Park! Here we come!

By 9

This Thursday is our trip to the Wildlife Park. Have a look at their website. What animals might we see?  Which are your favourites?  What information can you find out before we go?  Find out about the keeper talks and feeding sessions. Which would you like to go to?  Blog your questions too so we can make sure we remember to find out.


Jack on 12 June, 2017

I like the camels best they live in the desert and have humps to keep food in case there isn’t any in the desert and they can drink a lot too. I found out they live to 40 to 50 years
The keepers don’t talk about camels so I would like to hear about lions I want to know why they have long hair round their heads and how long they live
I want to know about monkeys too and why they like bananas

Mrs Harrison
Mrs Harrison on 12 June, 2017

Well done Jack. That was a quick response! I like the camels too.

Mia on 12 June, 2017

The giraffe is the tallest animal in the world at Yorkshire wild life park they don’t, do any giraffe activitis so I would like to see the painted dogs , mongooses , polar bears , big bugs , meerkats, otters , wallaby, camels , baboons, and lemurs.

Mia on 12 June, 2017

Why do cheetas run so fast?
Why do rhinos have so sharpbhorns?
Why do giraffes have son long necks?
Why are zebras so strips?
Why do lions roar so loud?

Mrs Harrison
Mrs Harrison on 13 June, 2017

Great questions Mia. Let’s hope we can find out all the answers!

Sophie on 14 June, 2017

I am looking forward to seeing the painted dogs and learn about the giant otters too. Camels and polar bears are what I would like to see too.
My questions might be why do tigers have stripes?
Does the polar bears get too hot?
Why do giraffes have long necks ?

Mrs Harrison
Mrs Harrison on 14 June, 2017

Good question about the Polar bears Sophie. I hadn’t thought of that.

Lyn on 16 June, 2017

Thank you to everyone in Y2 for inviting me on your visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, I had a fantastic time! The polar bears were my favourite animals!

Mrs Harrison
Mrs Harrison on 16 June, 2017

Thank you for your help. We’re glad you enjoyed it. I loved the polar bears too.

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