Should animals be treated the same as humans?

By 17

So our community circles question this week was ‘Should animals be treated the same as humans?’

In out assembly we were all crammed to the front of the hall to experience the same treatment that some animals receive. During our class discussions, we were thinking about what rights humans have, which we struggled to understand.

My question for class 12 is: What are human rights and do you think animals should have the same rights?

Miss Eyre


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Should animals be treated the same as humans?

By 35

In today’s assembly we had to stand for the whole 20 minutes, squashed into tiny areas!

This was to make us think about how some animals are treated such as chickens in cages.


How did you feel after the assembly?

Should animals be made to work?

Should animals be used for Scienctific experimentation, for example rats?


Did you enjoy being treated like a caged hen? What could we do to stop this from happening?

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