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During today’s community circle we had the opportunity to discuss issues around Brexit.


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What do you think?

Will Britain be better as part of the European Union or apart?


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Why do we make New Years Resolutions?

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This weeks question is “Why do we make New Years Resolutions?” We discussed in assembly the fact that people make them to set themselves a goal or a challenge for the year, however most of us will have already broken our New Years Resolution 1 week in!

So, this week we would like you to think about why should we set ourselves a resolution? What do we achieve from these? What new years resolutions have you already set yourself? Why do you think people struggle to stick to their new years resolutions?

Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!


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When you wish upon a star…

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On Tuesday Emily and Archie went on a very magical adventure. They got up extra early and put on some fantastic t shirts for their special day.

They boarded a train and to Newark. On the way they met some very special guests and had lots of treats too.



What an amazing day they had, they truly deserve it.







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Is it healthier to be afraid of everything or nothing?

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After our discussion in class this is what some of us thought…

Katie: If you were scared of everything it would put a lot of pressure on your body and make you nervous.

Parneet: If you were scared of everything, you would be scared of your family and that would not be a good thing!

Liam: You should be scared of some things so you don’t get hurt.

Olly: If you were scared of everything you would be scared of things that aren’t actually scary!

Jessie: If you weren’t scared of anything you might do something silly and unsafe.

Ashleigh: Everybody is scared of something but you shouldn’t be scared of everything!

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On Friday morning, to celebrate the end of our first half term together and all the hard work and effort you have put in over the last 8 weeks, we are holding our own ‘Class 10 Pumpkin Carving Contest!’
If you can, please bring in your own pumpkin Thursday or Friday morning and a pumpkin carving kit if you have one.
In preparation for the morning, please start looking for ideas for your design. We are focusing on developing skills in sketching a 3d design and ‘Gaining more confidence in carving as a form of 3D art.’


We can’t wait to see your designs!

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