Is it healthier to be afraid of everything or nothing?

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After our discussion in class this is what some of us thought…

Katie: If you were scared of everything it would put a lot of pressure on your body and make you nervous.

Parneet: If you were scared of everything, you would be scared of your family and that would not be a good thing!

Liam: You should be scared of some things so you don’t get hurt.

Olly: If you were scared of everything you would be scared of things that aren’t actually scary!

Jessie: If you weren’t scared of anything you might do something silly and unsafe.

Ashleigh: Everybody is scared of something but you shouldn’t be scared of everything!

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On Friday morning, to celebrate the end of our first half term together and all the hard work and effort you have put in over the last 8 weeks, we are holding our own ‘Class 10 Pumpkin Carving Contest!’
If you can, please bring in your own pumpkin Thursday or Friday morning and a pumpkin carving kit if you have one.
In preparation for the morning, please start looking for ideas for your design. We are focusing on developing skills in sketching a 3d design and ‘Gaining more confidence in carving as a form of 3D art.’


We can’t wait to see your designs!

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