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Hello and welcome to Miss Griffin’s class page! This year is shaping up to be great and I can’t wait to spend a new year learning with all of you! Happy blogging!

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Measurement Masters! /

This week (after being employed by Formula One) we have been investigating scales to measure petrol consumption, distance travelled by each racing car and the height and weight of their drivers. After this, we have converted the units of measure- some of us even challenged ourselves to convert between metric and imperial measures!

Your homework this week is to practise your conversions of measures by investigating the Zooks on the game below.

When completed, why not challenge yourself on Satstestsonline?


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Ruggereds /

Class 12 were lucky enough to have some rugby coaching this week.

What have you learnt?

Remember you can join ‘Ruggereds’ every Sunday in Hoyland. http://www.ruggereds.co.uk/

IMG_0547 IMG_0550 IMG_0555

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World Book Day /

On Thursday (after dressing up as our favourite book-characters) we read a book called ‘The Dark’ by Lemony Snicket. After much deep discussion around the book, we decided to create our own advice that we would give to the character and anyone else with similar problems. We were inspired by Martin Luther King Jr’s quote below. IMG_0540 mlk

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Coach’s eye /

Yesterday in PE we were practicing our balances. We used the Coach’s eye app to self and peer assess the balances- some groups even worked on how symmetrical they were!

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Readathon at HCPS /

Readathon will be taking place from 23rd January until World Book Day on 2nd March 2017.

Please support our amazing children.

For more information visit the website. www.readathon.org

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Social Class Debate /

Throughout this week we have been investigating different social class statements  and facts, deciding whether we agree with them and supporting our answers. Today we have used our debating skills to argue as to which social class should have had priority to board the lifeboats.

All children have been treated as different classes this week in order to really empathise with the people who were on board The Titanic.

Are there any further opinions you wish to put forward Class 12?


IMG_1422 IMG_1423 IMG_1424 IMG_1425 IMG_1426 IMG_1427 IMG_1428 IMG_1429 IMG_1430 IMG_1431 IMG_1432 IMG_1433

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