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Class 9 Reminders /

Homwork diaries need to be in school EVERY DAY! They need to be signed and in the basket on Monday mornings along with your reading log. Please write in what you have completed at home for example reading, spellings or times tables.


You are expected to read at least 4 times per week. I will be putting up a new display in class and there will be house points for those of you who manage to do (and exceed) this!


Your PE kit should be in school every day. You should have the correct HCPS house colour Tshirt and shorts. Jogging bottoms are fine for outdoor PE but are not appropriate for indoor gymnastics and apparatus sessions.

You have a log on for spelling shed. Please try and log on to complete the sessions. Your sheets are for you to practise on every week. You do not have to return them but you are expected to practise them daily.


Mrs Miller




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COMM circles – what do you think? /

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    • 24 September, 2018
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This afternoon’s assembly was entitled:

Big Question2



What are your thoughts/feelings? What rules do you think we need? What rules could we get rid of? Should we get rid of all of them?


Please have a think about this over the next couple of days and be ready to discuss on Wednesday afternoon with Mrs Harrison.


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Spelling shed /

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    • 21 September, 2018
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Your homework this week is to log on to spelling shed (either through the internet or the app) and complete your spellings – test next Friday!


You have your log on details in your homework diaries. Complete them as much as possible so we can try and get near the top of the school leaderboard!


Have fun!


Image result for spelling shed

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Field research /

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    • 20 September, 2018
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Class 9 have had another fantastic trip today to Sheffield City centre. We carried out research with the members of the public to find out their feelings about Yorkshire and it’s attractions.


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Trip 1 – Langsett Reservoir /

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    • 12 September, 2018
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What a fabulous first trip we have had on our visit to Langsett Reservoir today. We have walked miles (over 5 actually!)

We took the iPads and enjoyed snapping photos of the beautiful countryside. We have also edited our photos and created some fabulous effects.

Dave (our amazing ICT guru!) brought alone his drone and he got some AMAZING video footage  of the landscape – we will post this soon!

What geographical features did you spot today?

What was the best thing about the trip?

I really enjoyed just having time to enjoy a day out of school with my class! Thank class 9 I have loved today!



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Proud to be Yorkshire /

We have been celebrating everything Yorkshire this morning for the start of our new topic…. but we stumbled across a tweet from a very unlikeable councillor. She thinks that some attractions in Yorkshire need to be closed down.

We are developing arguments to keep these attractions open ….


Why do you think these attractions need to stay open? How will it affect children? Adults? Businesses?


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The final countdown! /

Hello class 9!


I’m so excited to see you all next week. I have set up our classroom and it’s ready for you to have some fun!


I’ve made our table names a little more exciting too…. with a magical twist! I used my own sorting hat! 😊



I’ve had a fab summer, visiting friends and family, trips to the seaside and camping. What have you guys been up to? Feel free to add pictures too! I’m going out with Mr Miller and Katie this afternoon to Graves Park in Sheffield.

Tomorrow I am doing a 5k walk for my charity fundraising. I will try and share photos with you… hopefully I will meet one of my class 9 superstars there and we will complete it together!


Until next week…!


Mrs Miller xx


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