Tallant’s Takeaway!

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    • 19 September, 2017
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Wow, where have the last couple of weeks gone?! In Mr T’s maths class we have been hard at work solving addition and subtraction problems over the past two weeks. We’ve learnt everything from mental methods, written methods, adding/subtracting decimals and the importance of place value in all of this… You name it, we’ve learnt it! However, tomorrow unfortunately marks the end of ‘Tallant’s Take Away’!

What’s ‘Tallant’s Takeaway’ you ask? Well, once we had mastered our understanding of addition and subtraction we were tasked with the challenge of keeping Mr T’s failing Takeaway business afloat… We had to apply our understanding of addition and subtraction to take orders from customers and then use this information to calculate costs and change owed. To do this the whole class had to work as a team, we received orders through the ‘company’ iPad, then we had to locate the meals on the ‘Tallant’s Takeaway’ menu to check the prices, calculate the cost of the food and then see how much change the customer was owed. Although our approach wasn’t very efficient to begin with (much to the inconvenience of our extremely impatient customers) we got there in the end and ‘Tallant’s Takeaway’ lived to fight another day!

Unfortunately tomorrow marks the end of ‘Tallant’s Takeaway’ in maths. But one more challenge remains; we have been tasked with applying EVERYTHING we’ve learnt so far to solve worded problems… If we successfully solve this challenge we may actually save ‘Tallant’s Takeaway’ from bankruptcy… Only time will tell! Wish us luck!


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    • Ryan
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    • 21 September, 2017

Is there inset day tomorrow

Mr Tallant
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    • Mr Tallant
  • Date

    • 24 September, 2017

Hi Ryan! I hope you’ve settled into secondary school nicely. I know this reply is a little late, but yes we had an INSET day on Friday. We’re all back to normal as of Monday though. Mr T.

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